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Healthcare Worker with Patient

Support Services

​Additional partner services

Cancer Council

Cancer Council SA

Our 13 11 20 Information and Support service is a confidential service, open Monday to Friday,
9 am to 5 pm (cost of a local call, except from mobiles), and is staffed by experienced cancer nurses.


Leukaemia Foundation 

Leukaemia foundation

Families facing long and demanding treatment often have the added stress of managing the everyday pressure of practical and/or financial matters. Our Blood Cancer Support Coordinators are with you for every step of the journey – from diagnosis, throughout treatment, and during recovery – and can provide the practical support and advice you need to help navigate everyday life while living with blood cancer.


Lymphoma Australia

Lymphoma Australia

Everyone’s lymphoma and CLL experience is different. Our Lymphoma Care Nurses are here to help patients and families navigate the health system, access the most up to date information about lymphoma and to take the fear of the unknown out of the lymphoma journey.

Let's Work Together

For more information about these and any additional services, please contact our team on  08 7260 3069

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